The Petrochemistry Division of DGMK announces its 25th topical Conference with the general theme
“Petrochemistry and Refining in a Changing Raw Materials Landscape” October 9 - 11, 2017 in Dresden, Germany
English will be the Conference language throughout. The scientific program will consist of keynote lectures (upon invitation only) by renowned experts in the field, oral presentations and poster presentations.
The keynotes will address the following topics:

 The changing raw materials landscape
 Shale gas components and their use
 Stranded gas and its valorization
 Elementary steps in the oxidative alkane activation
 Oxidative dehydrogenation of short chain alkanes
 Power-to-X
 Renewables as raw materials
 Applications of homogeneous catalysis in a changing raw materials landscape

Changes in the availability and the nature of raw materials for fuels and petrochemicals always have consequences for technologies in the refining and the petrochemical industry. Currently, these industries face such changes based on the increased availability of cheap natural gas, shale gas etc. on the one hand. On the other hand, refiners have to cope with varying feedstock qualities and an increasing need for tailored high-quality fuels. Finally, an increased use of biomass as feedstock for petrochemials and fuels and its technological consequences will be discussed. The issues created by these changes will be dealt with at this DGMK Conference. Therefore, proposals for oral and poster contributions will be highly welcome, which address novel developments in petrochemistry and refining related to the raw materials changes which we currently experience. Examples for topics which will be addressed are the increasing use of natural gas as chemical feedstock (e.g., via synthesis gas, via direct oxidation to methanol or non-oxidative coupling to aromatics), the catalytic activation and valorization of short chain alkanes and the use of renewables for the production of fuels and petrochemicals.
There will be no parallel sessions and ample time will be available for discussion. The manuscripts of all keynote, oral and poster presentations will be distributed to all registered participants at the Conference desk in Dresden.
Please send your proposal by May 1, 2017
German Society for Petroleum and Coal Science and Technology
Attention: Dr. Gisa Tessmer / Mrs. Christa Jenke
Überseering 40
D-22297 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 639004 11 or –12
Fax: +49 40 639004 50
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All proposals should contain the envisaged title of the paper, the authors´ names and affiliations including their addresses and a concise abstract. The complete proposal should not exceed one typewritten page. Please note that we intend to provide the accepted abstracts on our homepage. We therefore kindly ask you to use the template below.



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