The Petrochemistry Division of DGMK announces its 24th topical Conference with the general theme „Catalysis – Novel Aspects in Petrochemistry and Refining”. The Conference is jointly organized by the Petrochemistry Division of DGMK, the Division of Industrial Chemistry of the Società Chimica Italiana (SCI), ÖGEW Österreichische Gesellschaft für Erdölwissenschaften and GeCatS German Catalysis Society.

The Conference will be held September 26 – 28, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

The Conference will address all scientific and technical issues related to the general theme. Particular emphasis will be on the following topics: More recent developments in catalytic refining processes, in particular with respect to deep hydrotreating (HDS and HDN, i.e. of cycle oils and heavy fuel oils), recent developments in hydrocracking of heavy petroleum fractions and in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) for the use of heavier feedstocks and the production of increased yields of light olefins from FCC. Moreover, contributions on recent achievements in the synthesis of alkylate gasoline will be highly welcome. Also, the challenges and opportunities arising from catalytic processing/coprocessing of biogenic feedstocks in the refinery will be addressed. Innovative applications of catalysis in petrochemistry will be discussed related to new developments in selective oxidation catalysis, selective hydrogenations/dehydrogenations and the catalytic use of carbon dioxide, bioethanol etc. for the synthesis of value-added products. Moreover, contributions on the catalytic production of light olefins and aromatics from alternative sources (e.g., methane, methanol) and related topics are welcome.


The abstract of the paper proposed have to be send by 1 May 2016

More details can be found in the attached Call for Paper.



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